Education of our youth is an indispensable investment in the future of our families, communities and state.  Serving on the Granite School Board has been a privilege and honor. The experience has also opened my eyes to the vital role of education needed to sustain our future growth. We need to offer a balance of college and trade opportunities suited to each student’s skills and strengths.

Children are our future. Our education system must competitively advance our students while compensating our teachers better.  Granite Precinct I needs representation with education experience.

1. Todd has served 64,000+ students while on the Granite School District Board.
2. Todd has helped find balanced ways to raise teachers’ salaries and benefits.
3. Todd has helped solve teacher shortage and retention in the Granite School District.
4. Todd has assisted in the development of strategic plans for buildings which will span decades to come including school buildings which can be reconfigured to meet future educational needs.
5.  Todd has forged relationships with the other board members which facilitate developing balanced policies to serve the needs presented by the diverse families and students of the Granite School District.


Managing public money is public trust.

Review and approval of the District’s budget requires a balance of reliance upon expert district personnel and safeguarding the expenditure of public money to provide an education for each child.  Todd’s has sought to avoid excesses in expenditures.  We don’t always need more taxes.  We need thoughtful decision-making as to existing funds.  Todd is committed to exploring all options to reallocate District funds before asking the public for more tax revenue.  An example is using modern building techniques to so that buildings can be more cost-effectively adapted for future use. Another example includes the Board funding and operating its own, cost-reducing medical clinics to serve District personnel. Also, the Board has elected to continue to support and fund education for the severely handicapped as well as funding service centers in partnership with public and private benefactors to meet the needs of immigrant and under-served children and families.